Company Objective

PEOPLE'S CHOICE realizes purchasing a home may be the biggest single investment you’ll make in your lifetime. As a result, we conduct our home inspections with your best interests in mind.

While you’re paying for a home inspection, you’re getting something that is much more valuable; an educated tour of the systems and components in your new house. To provide this, we recommend that our clients be present on the day and time of inspection so that they can actively participate in the inspection process, ask questions, take notes, and learn first-hand about the house they are buying.

When you hire us for your home inspection needs, you receive our undivided attention. We do not work for the listing agent or buyer’s agent. We work for you.

When PEOPLE'S CHOICE conducts a Home Inspection, we look at the home and its systems. We don’t comment on paint colors, wall paper styles, or other matters of taste that have nothing to do with the actual scope of the inspection. When we conduct an inspection, our focus is on the viewable conditions of the property that exist at the time of inspection and whether or not those conditions have a significant adverse impact on the value of the property or pose a safety hazard to the people on the property.

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