FHA 203k Consultant Services

PEOPLE'S CHOICE is your one stop for the renovation expert services you need. Our 203k consultant can help you with quick and cost-effective renovation projects from large jobs rehabbing whole houses to small jobs focused on kitchens, bathrooms, landscapes, facade restoration, and much more!

Learn everything you need to know about renovating a home in Washington with a 203k rehab loan.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE provides the following services:

FHA 203k Consulting

We prepare your 203k Write-up. Your lender will need a detailed description of repairs needed to the home you are buying if you want a FHA 203(k) loan. We are HUD Certified Consultants and can help you by inspecting the home, estimating repairs and much more.

Project Management

You may have your own contractor but want to have someone help you as a Consultant to design the project, interface with your Contractor and Lender to be sure you get what you are paying for and much more.

Construction Bid Packages

A good scope of work will help you get the best bids from contractors. We can prepare detailed construction packages for you to present to contractors to help you make better decisions about choosing a contractor.

Pre-purchase Consulting

Understand your investment before you submit a contract. We are home inspectors and can help you make a decision BEFORE YOU BUY! Make an appointment for an on-site visit and our 203k consultant can give you a "ball park" idea of what you are facing in rehab costs so you can negotiate a better purchase.

Scope of Work

Our 203k experts can will prepare a list of what you want, what might be required for building code compliance or compliance with lender’s requirements. This helps you think through what you want, how much it will cost and how long it will take.


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